What's TransformersAD & Who's Behind This?

The Transformers AD blog is a collection of Transformers action figures and art in various creative action poses. Most of the photos are geared towards the original G1 era but will also feature any Transformers in the Transformers Universe. We've been into toy photography for the past 15 years and have taken thousands of toy photos since then.

Transformers AD originally meant Transformers Autobots Decepticons, but was later changed to Transformers Artistic Display/Design after featuring other Transformers of the Transformers Universe and adding original artwork to posts.

Some have mistakened TransformersAD for Transformers Advertisements. In a way, it is, because we're promoting Transformers, but it is not in any way connected to the company that owns Transformers.

On Twitter, @transformersAD is an active curator of Transformers news and updates both from the product/toy line and cartoon/movie/animation.  Simply put, anything about Transformers.  We have over 6,000 tweets and 1,100 followers.  Follow @transformersAD today at http://www.twitter.com/transformersad .  Also check out our online store Transformers AD Store to buy those awesome Transformers Collectibles.

TransformersAD was created by Jay de Jesus, a social media consultant who happens to love Transformers since he was 10 year old (when the very first Transformers cartoon and toy line was introduced).

Till all are one.

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