Our Picks for Cool Transformers Christmas Tweets

Christmas has come and gone but we'd like to highlight those Transformers-themed Christmas tweets that made us say 'That's cool!"  Presenting our picks for Cool Transformers Christmas greetings.

#10 Reindeer Dinobots accompany Santa Prime.  And you have to check out the moon.  
(posted by @MACRAPTRON)

 #9: Ratchet and Ironhide laughing at their reindeer and Santa costumes
(posted by @Pascicada)

 #8: Thundercracker throws a Christmas party
(posted by @c51pi_ub25)

#7:  Santa Prime greets everyone a Merry Christmas
(posted by @cyberstorm15)

 #6: SixoTF greets his Twitter friends a Merry Christmas along with an awesome toyphotography of Optimus Prime
(posted by @SixoTF)

 #5: Seaspray beside a card of Seaspray decorated with Christmas lights 
(posted by @Soundwave1980)

 #4: Staarscream, Prime and Megatron prance around the Christmas tree
(posted by @Kenneth_Maher)

 #3: Is Starscream the ghost of Christmas past?

#2: Soundwave and Shockwave are overflowing with presents
(posted by @Thirsty4Percy)

Honorable Mention:  Hot Rod, Gnaw and Bumblebee all in a Christmassy mood
(posted by us!)

 #1: Happy Holidays from a Happy Hot Rod.  Till All Are One.
(posted by @LMi_yr)
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