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As known to be a Transformers curator on my Twitter handle, @TransformersAD, I've come across some unique, interesting and great Generation 1 (G1) Transformers reviews, whether they be Transformers toys, cartoons or the movie.

And coming from my experience, it is challenging to create content for a cartoon and toy line that started over 30 years ago but may have been either forgotten or simply not familiar to a newer generation of kids and adult Transformers fans alike.  And in terms of history books, these are the oldest literature to be found and exist in an ever expanding and never-ending new media to what we know as the Transformers Universe.

But also coming from a similar background (and perhaps era), I know these are passionate people. And being passionate about Transformers makes it easy to create and share interesting reviews.

Since all of them are equally interesting and deserve a feature, watch out as we feature each one as a spotlight here soon.

For now, check out these amazing Transformers reviews.  If you forget to bookmark them, just visit us at http://www.transformersad.com and it's at the bottom of all our pages. (under Transformers Blogs and Friends)

  •  Retro NOW: 1 Nerd, 1 Blonde Model & LOTS of Bots (mostly G1 with their original boxes)

Sample Toy Review of Megatron

  • Lazy Eyebrow Media: casual reviews on individual episodes of the Original Transformers cartoon series INSIDE A CAR.

Sample Review: 1x10 War of the Dinobots

  • BX Brix : a Professional Lego Artist from New York City with a passion for Lego Transformers
Sample Review: Lego Transformers Jazz G1

  • Autopod Decepticast : a weekly podcast delivering a minute by minute breakdown of the 1986 Transformers Movie

Check out their reviews and enjoy.

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